Post-Halloween Ponderings…

Daisy Halloween 1

I am sure everyone is all ‘Halloweened out’ by now – the 1st November – but after my previous serious blog topic, I was in the mood for something light and frivolous.

My teenage daughter and her close attachment to social media meant that she (momentarily) subjected our two pooches to extreme cruelty in the name of “Snapchat”, not once but four times, decking them out with head-gear when they were trying to relax and go to sleep. She added captions which of course, are part of the experience.
Dais Halloween 2

The cute, little one complied, although by the second pic she looks a little comatose.

 The bigger, less cute but cooler one was less impressed. He knows when humans tread too far. By the second pic, he’d had enough.


I have mixed feelings about Halloween. It’s too commercial and getting bigger (though not as big as in America where it’s taken VERY seriously). It involves sugar overload and we all know sugar is the ENEMY.

But it’s festive, with costumes, parties and and maximum hijinks. People who are usually too busy to meet neighbours, wander about the streets with mini witches, vampires and ghouls…harmless fun 🙂

Nate Halloween 2


2 thoughts on “Post-Halloween Ponderings…

  1. A colleague at work who lives in a cul de sac said a neighbour left a flyer in everyone’s letter box asking to leave a sign at the front if you’re happy for kids to come Trick or Treating. She also invited the street to a sausage sizzle at her place. My colleague went and met neighbours, had a great time. I think that’s more the US spirit of Halloween I saw in Florida.

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