HOOKED ON CHOOKS…it’s not normal.


Anyone who knows me, knows I am a little partial to chickens completely obsessed with chickens.IMG_0070

There’s something about hens…I’m not exactly sure why I like them so much – it’s a bit uncool and slightly eccentric to be passionate about something with feathers. But it’s true…even my son said, “Give Mum something with a chicken theme and she’s happy.” 

Am I this simple and predictable? Yes.

I’ve analysed this chook-love from different angles and this is why I love them:

  • They make great pets because – they have personality and are surprisingly clever. Where the expression “bird-brain” came from mystifies me 🙂
  • They mob me on a daily basis as though I’m a rock star (like no other living creature mobs me, human or otherwise).
  • Their poo is a rich fertiliser (if only I would take the time to spread it on the garden).
  • They lay eggs each day (no one else has personality and lays an egg). IMG_0434
  • Friends and family adore me (but I think it’s because of the free eggs).
  • They eat scraps and so are walking compost bins.
  • They will rid the garden of insects (note downside).


  • They turn any garden into a bomb site in a matter of hours if you let them out of the coop.
  • They get egg-bound and other chook conditions 😦
  • If you mistake a girl-chick for a boy-chick it will soon turn into a rooster (and wake you predawn).
  • Hens stop laying after a few years yet you keep feeding them into chookie old age (happily repaying them for their years of service).IMG_0073

Anyone who has eaten a home-laid egg will attest to its superior taste and quality. Fluoro yellow in colour, they lend baking a gorgeous technicolour touch.


There is one big downside to keeping chickens which I’ve avoided mentioning to this point: Foxes. It’s a big downside and must be addressed if you want to avoid misery and heartbreak (for you as well as the birds). But more on this later…

Do you like hens? What pet makes you passionate?


9 thoughts on “HOOKED ON CHOOKS…it’s not normal.

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  2. I’m no expert but egg-bound is when the hen can’t lay an egg but has the sensation to (bit like constipation!), constantly sitting in the nesting box and it’s ultimately fatal 😦 I don’t like wire as hens live to scratch and forage in the earth (battery hens only have wire under their feet, poor things). You can deter foxes by digging down the wire around the fence. Closing them in their shed during Spring is the best fox deterrent 🙂

  3. I think that’s why keeping hens is so satisfying – the whole permaculture/sustainability thing, although in my case it’s only in theory…I can’t grow a vegetable to save my life! (note to self: work harder in garden!)

  4. Great post! I have kept chickens for years. They are great fun and once you’ve tasted a REAL free range egg, you will never want to eat another . Thanks for the follow. I am following back and look forward to reading all your lovely posts (and some of the older ones too, when I get a chance). ~Amelia 🙂

  5. For me it has to be the dog – they understand a person’s mood so well and react to that. And of course of dogs, The Hound is a star – just put up a post of the specimen playing in the bog. 😃

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