IMG_0093Inspired by Kerri Sackville and her My First Blogger Challenge

I wasn’t a particularly rebellious child but I started young. I was only five – in Kindergarten. To look at my five year old face you wouldn’t think I was a rebel. I was.

braceletTechnically, this was more robbery and lying rather than straight rebellion. It involved swapping my best friend’s gold bluebird bracelet for a bag of lollies. The fact that it had her name JULIE engraved on the heart didn’t deter me, I went ahead with the robbery  swap anyway. My mother asked me where I’d got the lovely bracelet from and I lied exaggerated by saying “I found it.” She rang Julie’s mother and returned said bracelet. But Julie had eaten the lollies and I was left with nothing. Poetic justice perhaps…

My first real act of rebellion was came three years later and involved the same friend, Julie. It’s quite obvious that it must have been her fault influence leading me astray, rather than any innate naughtiness on my part.

We lived in a country town and like all children, I’d been instructed by my parents to never speak to strangers and to always come home straight after school. On that particular day I didn’t speak to strangers but I didn’t come home from school either. I went to Julie’s. Her mother was out but that didn’t bother us as we raided the cupboard for snacks and disappeared into the garden to play…for 3 hours.

My mother rang but no one answered. She scoured the streets looking for me. She ran into neighbours’ houses, dementedly shrieking my name. She called my father at the office. She rang the Police…the whole town was looking for me.

policeIt’s all a blur really but I recall that in their relief that I hadn’t been kidnapped, killed or injured, I wasn’t really punished. And even the stern lecture that followed, dissipated in the myriad of being squashed hugged.

I wasn’t very rebellious after that. Until High School…

Were you a goody-goody or a rebel, or just a normal kid?


13 thoughts on “MY FIRST ACT OF REBELLION.

  1. I was definitely a goody goody… but like you I probably did do a few things that my parents didn’t know about. Living in a small town I was the same – roaming about the neighbourhood streets with friends who all lived nearby!

    PS. I think you were on a good thing with the great lolly vs bracelet swap.
    PPS. Bluebird stuff was in when I was little as well! (We bought most of our stuff from Avon!)

    • No, Julie didn’t turn up to our reunion earlier in the year…I think she’s avoiding me. And I wanted to apologise for swindling her (and ask for my lollies back!)

  2. I was berated for stuff I didn’t do and such minor things, such as “what were you doing wearing shorts when you fell into the nettle patch?”. As a result I went pretty much goody goody, I was enduring enough pain anyway. Of course I still managed to achieve getting the cane at school and getting into fights etc….Great post and like your language. MM 🍀

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  4. I’ve written two consecutive posts, one about stealing my Aunt’s friendship ring and one about going AWOL from school when I was four/five. Are you my sister from another mother Lee-Anne?

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