My first bestie.

Neighbour (substitute bestie) and me.

A neighbour and substitute bestie (on the left) and me playing dress-ups.

I’m once more joining in with Kerri Sackville’s #MyFirst blogging challenge and this week it’s ‘My First Bestie’.

I had a number of bestie’s when I was a child, not concurrently I rush to add, (not quite that fickle!), more sequentially.

I’ve already mentioned Julie in infants school, whose gold blue-bird bracelet I tried to steal borrow (see previous post on My first Act of Rebellion). By primary school, our friendship had begun to wane and Merida came onto the scene. She lived on a farm and I lived in town, and for this reason our relationship was made in heaven. We took it in turns to stay at each other’s houses every weekend. Merida loved hanging out in the park on the main street in town, eating ice-creams from the one and only milk bar, while I loved tractor rides on hay bales and having picnic feasts in paddocks. Merida’s mother baked memorable cakes. (It’s interesting how most childhood memories involve food).

It’s a big reflection on my poor character but I moved onto another best friend in high school. Merida and I were put into different classes and this is fatal to friendship. Well it was to ours. Merida said that I abandoned her, and I’ve apologised profusely at two reunions about my treachery…I openly acknowledge, I was an inconstant 12 year old!

But the allure of Trudy in Year 7 was irresistible. Both shy, skinny and flat-chested, we were in the same class, shared the same insecurities, the same obsessions – boys, clothes, food, boys.

Writing this post, I’ve been thinking about the nature of friendship and what constitutes a best friend, at school, well anywhere really. I think it’s someone who ‘has your back’. Someone who’ll defend you even if you’re in the wrong. Someone who would rather hang out with you than anyone else – even a cooler, prettier, more popular girl.  Someone who never has a better offer, than to be with you. Trudy was such a person.

Boys came and went but we stayed friends and though we live in different states, when we see each other, all the years fall away.

How about you, do you have a friend from school – a bestie – who’s endured into adulthood, into middle age?


8 thoughts on “My first bestie.

  1. My first bestie is still a very close friend though we rarely see each other nowadays. I don’t really have a bestie in adult life (those would probably be my sisters and mother). I have a handful of good friends and quite a few acquaintances … just not a bestie per se!

  2. Oh those blue bird pieces of jewellery were to die for. I was never given any despite dropping hints left, right and centre to my mother. I too was a very fickle best friend.

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