More random musings…

mcwineA friend sent me this…if you haven’t already seen it, it’ll make you snigger. And why don’t McDonalds do wine, they do Mc everything else?

Having been accused of  elegant verbosity verbal diarrhoea, ‘short blog posts’ is my new mantra. Short and with pictures – I understand our eroded attention spans – a picture tells a thousand words isn’t just a cliche, it’s a truism. I have proof: I can tell Year 12 100 times, in a serious voice: “There are 2 English papers – 4 essays, a narrative and a comprehension question”, but their eyes glaze over. Yet when I draw a nifty mind map on the white board, with a few goofy pictures and arrows, they’re riveted! I like cliches and truisms – they are wise sayings, usually eloquent or concise, or both. And if they’re hackneyed, well, there’s a reason – they’re accurate reflections of human behaviour, they resonate.

This picture was taken by Poppet, who put it on Instagram or Snapchat (I can’t keep up with her social networks). It’s Small in her new dog-buggy. Small is old with severe arthritis and can’t really do walkies with Big. Small actually likes this ridiculous new contraption – a cross between a senior citizen shopping trolley and a stroller. It makes her feel part of the action, (although some insensitive persons at the dog park have been known to point and guffaw).

I do hope m'lady is enjoying her chariot ride.

We trust m’lady is enjoying her chariot ride.

I like the following variation on Annie Lennox’s ‘Sweet Dreams’. As a HUGE cheese aficionado, I relate well to these lyrics…

Photo credit to Pinterest.

Photo credit to Pinterest.

The following quote is well worth contemplating, Wilde of course:

“It’s absurd to divide people into good or bad, people are either charming or tedious.” (‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’ 1892) I know where Oscar’s coming from…

But, lest I’m being too frivolous, here is a deep one by French philosopher, Descartes, from almost four hundred years ago:

“I think, therefore I am.”

It’s hard for us in the 21st century to know why he said this, but before the Enlightenment, I guess people didn’t have a well defined sense of self. Now we’re all narcissists!

I found this picture beautifully evocative – that mist in the background is dreamy, contemplative…and the pottering hen is magic. 🙂

Photo credit: Pinterest.

Photo credit: Pinterest.

What is your favourite cliche or piece of philosophy, from the classics or popular culture…even The Simpsons? (The Simpsons does a pretty good version of ‘Hamlet’) 🙂

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14 thoughts on “More random musings…

  1. In Europe they sell beer in McDonalds and I think they do have wine too. What the hell is wrong with us?
    Actually if McDonalds was offering it, I would hate to know what it contained. Maybe we are lucky!

  2. Once we pulled up at a McDonald’s drive through. Our McSmall had her snout out the rear window. Husband ordered a McBone for her, but laughing at father humour wasn’t on the menu that morning.
    Your dog looks adorable and SO intelligent in that photo! 🙂

  3. I think my favourite quote ever is from Tommy from Rug Rats: if you’re looking for a rainbow, check behind the garden fence. Love the idea that you never have to look far from home to find something beautiful.
    Love your dog’s buggy. So glad McD’s doesn’t do wine. They would butcher it for sure!

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