A woeful affair…

Linking up once more with Kerri Sackville for another #MyFirst experience.

My first time drunk was wonderful and sophisticated morfitying and unedifying, (like most teenagers’ is, I suspect).

I was seventeen, it was my boyfriend’s 21st birthday party and the booze was flowing…

This is where it gets complicated. A mate of his had a beautiful sister. She had a thing for my boyfriend. Bizarre as it sounds, this friend was trying to do his sister a favour by spiking my drink and getting me out of the way. And it worked! Clueless Innocent girl that I was, I guzzled a large, frothing cocktail, oblivious. Who knows what toxic mix of illicit substances were in it? All I know is, it was potent.

Photo credit: drinkstuff

Photo credit: drinkstuff

I was a cheap drunk. I had avoided alcohol so far, detesting its taste in any form, but on this occasion I was nervous and my alcohol radar wasn’t working clearly. At all. And the friend’s sister was exquisite, alluring…while I was shy, spotty, gauche – no contest at all, really. 

Afterwards I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t even especially dizzy or disoriented. I didn’t get happy and carefree either. I instantly became sad…inconsolable. I burst into hysterical sobs and had to go into a darkened room to lie down. A bit like a lady in previous century would have done – languishing on a chaise longue. Except there was no chaise longue and I wasn’t an elegant lady.

This is how I wanted to look during my crying spell:

Photo credit: Roy Lichtenstein.

Photo credit: Roy Lichtenstein.

This is how I looked:

Photo credit: pics.2

Photo credit: pics.2

Apart from a nasty headache the next day, there were no especially bad consequences to sculling a spiked drink and turning into a demented infant. My poor opinion of alcohol was reinforced. The boyfriend had hung around – more or less – not exactly waving a fan across my fevered brow, but at least he hadn’t disappeared into the night with the lovely sister scheming minx.

My aversion to alcohol persisted until my mid-twenties, wherein I had a kind of alcohol epiphany and Red Wine became my middle name beverage of choice.

What about you? How was your first experience with alcohol? Are you a social drinker or teetotal?


12 thoughts on “A woeful affair…

  1. Oh no!!! Did the drink spiker suffer any repercussions? (I’d like to think they got in trouble or something cos the mature me realises it could have been dangerous!) Are you still more prone to get sad / weepy if you’ve had too many drinks? (I just get louder and chattier!)

  2. Well told story. We used to drink cider when young as our parents thought it just fizzy apple juice with a bit of alcohol and it was a common drink in the area (they must have been the innocents). As we were in the countryside and with a twin, one of us had to drive, so the driver always kept Mum diverted while the sloshed one ran up the stairs. Social drinker, perhaps too social at times. 🎄

  3. Ouch! That was an interesting first experience…and scary given how easy it is to spike someone’s drink!
    Yeah, I’m a depressed drunk…but happy when I’m tipsy. So I kinda know when to stop now. I do like my alcohol but in moderation…like a glass of wine with a meal at the end of the week or a few drinks when out with friends. Getting drunk is not the goal!

  4. Unfortunately, I’m one of those loud, talks over everyone people when I drink and by the end of the night I’ve told everyone in great detail, why and how much I love them. Even the taxi-driver.

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