A new year kind of thing.

Photo credit: Pinterest.

Photo credit: Pinterest.

Many bloggers at this time are writing uplifting posts full of self-betterment and resolutions. On this topic I will only say that I’ve resolved to be more tolerant and gossip less. Whether I will stick to this is a moot point because when I boasted my virtuous resolution to a friend, she said: “Don’t do it, you’ll become bland!”

Now to random and pictorial waffling…

When I was trying to escape a pool party on the weekend, a friend sent me this:

Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

Do you ever have parties that you’re obliged to attend because you ought to be neighbourly? But where you only know the hosts and you can’t exactly latch onto them as they’ll be very busy hosting, and you have no desire to meet their hordes of friends, especially not cavorting around the new pool?

Do you mix with your neighbours socially or are happy with a quick smile and wave, over the fence or in the stairwell of your apartment?

I’m not sure I have the hang of this blogging caper. I may have mentioned before that I am laconic verbose by nature, but the trouble is, when I am writing for public consumption, I over-analyse and over-draft…OVER-THINK.

I have a horror of being boring. I should be desensitised because I’m a teacher…I am paid to bore people. But only teenagers, not unsuspecting adults. I don’t take it personally when I notice 30 pairs of eyes glazing over…closing. English is the ONLY compulsory subject in Year 12, no one can drop my subject, which is good as it gives me power – leverage to encourage study – but bad because I bore a lot more teenagers than other teachers. Not everyone likes analysing poems.

Despite my fear not to be, as Poppet calls it “cringing”, I am going on with my blog into 2014. She is a severe critic is Poppet, with the casual brutality of youth. She regularly tells me, “Old people are cringing on social media.” (By ‘old people’, she means anyone over 32).

A few initiatives have helped me to blog: Kerri Sackville’s #MyFirst blogging challenge and Essentially Jess ‘s IBOT, as well as the sheer eclectic range and quality of the few blogs I follow.

Why do you blog? Is a compulsion or just fun?

Hen News: The new ex-battery cage chickens have settled in, finally. They’re getting fat and fluffy, they’ve started laying and are being pecked less by the older hens – the Mean Girls. A chook house is a tough place – a microcosm of the school yard.

Check out my booty!

Check out my booty!

Dog News: Small is ageing and she’s turned into a mini-tyrant who requires her own personal lady-in-waiting. Every moment I am at home, I wait on her – carrying her upstairs and downstairs, tempting her with tasty morsels – enslaved. If I don’t, she whimpers CONSTANTLY and – if her medieval serf doesn’t immediately spring into action – this whimpering rises to a crescendo of yelping. She looks adorable…don’t be fooled.

I'm resting at present but be on high alert.

I’m resting at present but be on high alert.

Big is the opposite of Small – undemanding, laid-back. It sounds a bit creepy and inappropriate but if he were human, I’d date him 🙂

I'm cool.

I’m cool.

Do you have a demanding pet (or human) in your family?

I saw a film yesterday and it was a little contrived, a touch pretentious, but there was a good line or two in it. This one made me think about perspective and our individual view of reality.

“Life is not what we live; it is what we imagine we are living.”
― Pascal MercierNight Train to Lisbon

Is your life close to the one you imagined?

Photo credit: tikkido

Photo credit: tikkido


31 thoughts on “A new year kind of thing.

  1. Laughing at your dogs. We have two very needy rescue dogs. The newest addition is an 18 mo old border collie who cannot “stay” even when I am just leaving the room for a sec and assure her I am coming right back. Either se follows or I am racing back lol. The dogs hang with me on my bed and get endless cuddles

  2. We have two very demanding pets, Lee-Anne. One thoroughly spoilt and very squeaky cocker spaniel and the cutest ever elderly Jack Russell. They demand we give – it’s easier all round that way (I hasten to add, the children were never afforded the same privilege). But, I wouldn’t change them for the world. Besides, they are extremely cuddly and bucket-loads of fun. 🙂

  3. My little miniature foxy/silky cross puppy is high maintenance at the moment. She has discovered the cows next door and barks her little head off…so very cute though. I blog for fun and for therapy. Love your chooks! So glad I did not get mine yet – one farmer here lost 2500 in the heatwave on Saturday – very sad. Lovely ‘food for thought’ post. Cheers, Tanya

    • Lost 2500 chooks, that’s terrible…were they in the open, in the sun? (I am still traumatised by losing 7 hens to a fox attack, last year).
      Your little foxy/silky is just putting those cows well and truly in their place! 🙂

  4. We have a 10 year old mixed breed who might be on her last legs. She has developed a lump on her shoulder that while doesn’t hurt her at the moment, might cause some pain later on. I blog because I love to write and my blog content/niche-type thing has changed a few times over the past 18mths. Hang in there-there are a few photography link ups too around the place to break up the need to write regularly eg. Wordless Wednesday -Trish at My little Drummer Boys, or Sunday Stills (Emily at The Beetleshack blog)

  5. No pets in our house, except the fish. I blog because I enjoy it. My blog has become like a therapy session for me and also like a diary that hopefully one day I can look back on and say, “That is right, we did that or I read that etc”

  6. I have a dog who just loves us all to death. She doesn’t like being left alone and will often sit on my lap while I’m on the loo if there is no one else home. She is gorgeous though and I wouldn’t have her any other way!

  7. OK, I’m not going to talk about my dogs. (Am living in wrestling/drooling/gallumphing hilarity minding a border collie this week.)
    On a positive note, have you ever gone to a party grudgingly, then surprised your self and enjoyed it? It happens sometimes. My husband is a cave-man/goldfish who this happens to all the time. 🙂

  8. I really like your blogging style Lee-Anne. It’s fresh and interesting. I don’t think you have to worry about being bland or boring. I was actually about to write a post tonight called “Why Blog?” so I think you have just given me some more inspiration!

  9. I just wave at the neighbours and occasionally accept the mangoes he brings us. (Boatman takes him mud crabs and it’s all very last century or some other time when people swapped stuff.)
    I struggle if I don’t know people at a party. You need at least one other couple to cling to I feel (or friend if you’re on your own.)
    I constantly over analyse and am probably very cringy at time. Don’t let Poppet see any of my ‘music videos.’
    As for pets, my cat is walking on thin ice and may find himself at the bottom of a crab pot (obviously joking) if he doesn’t stop weeing on absolutely everything he feels like. And m dog is beautiful but going blind. 😦 Still love her though. And the eccentric love bird.
    Glad IBOT has been help for you xx

  10. Oh your mango-bearing neighbours sound wonderful, I love bartering and sometimes give mine eggs – kind of hush money really – don’t want them complaining about any chicken squawks or farmyard smells wafting over the fence!
    I really must look out for your music videos…LOL 🙂

  11. Well if I was in your class I doubt I would be bored, English was my most favourite subject ever! In fact I still think fondly of my senior high school english teachers. I did cringe when I read that everyone over 32 is considered old by the Poppet. I don’t want to be old!

    Leaving some belated fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  12. Love this post Lee-Anne – very NOT bland. On the big questions – blogging and life – both are more and less than I imagined and blogging helps me both record and live life in all its imagined (and unimagined) glory and boringness (I know it is not a word really Mrs English teacher). On the subject of pets, under big pressure to get a dog when we get home from our trip to Japan next week (well the pressure was building all last year but I think we will have to succumb). We haven’t had a dog since our German Shepherd passed away in 2009.

  13. Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 It’s hard to replace a much-loved pet, (but even harder to have a dog-free home for too long). Enjoy your trip to Japan!

  14. I cannot imagine you being a boring English teacher! Last year I had to help my son write an analysis on canonical poets. It’s the subject matter that’s boring not the teacher. Believe me my Grade 4 class glaze over when I’m teaching fraction conversion. Now that I know what a dog lover you are I like you even more! We have a mini fox terrier who is most definitely on the spectrum and I’m not being politically incorrect… she really is. We have to tip toe around her she’s so sensitive to touch, sound, anything really.

    • I know what you mean about some poetry – teaching Yr 12 Wilfred Owen, who wrote brilliant but bleak poems on WWI, depresses as well as bores them. 😦

      Your mini fox terrier sounds adorably eccentric…trouble is they don’t know they’re dogs – they think they’re human! 🙂

  15. I blog because I kinda have to get stuff out. Sometimes I get barely any hits or comments, but I keep going nonetheless. I’m not sure what I’d write if I didn’t blog… and if I didn’t write then it could get REALLY ugly!

  16. I read an article recently which (essentially) said that being an introvert and a bit anti-social is the new black! Yay I thought; black is very flattering on me. So apparently it’s ok to be us (in case you weren’t already).

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