A parallel world.

I have a cheerful disposition and flippant is my middle name but lately some bad…sad things have happened, impinging on my mood, my world. And it occurs to me that Cyberland – in all its vagaries – is a kind of parallel sphere. A place to visit for a while, a plane that distracts and soothes, anaesthetises. Nice people inhabit this cosmos – strangers who become momentary friends through a shared thought, a fleeting empathy.

Image source: Entropyinc.

Image source: Entropyinc.

Sometimes a stiff-upper-lip is difficult; or thinking of others less fortunate, to jolt you from your despondency. But the parallel world helps. This counterfeit, beguiling place of encounter nourishes. And real or fake (or both), it diverts, comforts.

What about you? What nourishes you when life beats you down for a moment, steals your peace, your sense of equilibrium? Cyberland? Music? Or the usual suspects – those obliging balms and potions that we I know so well: alcohol and chocolate; Or the sensible approach – exercise and meditation, yoga? What’s your poison elixir?


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26 thoughts on “A parallel world.

  1. My immediate go-to is usually coffee or wine… or chocolate. If I can get away, it’s writing that soothes my soul. I used to meditate, but I got out of practice… I should get back in. Unfortunately escape isn’t easy most days.
    Nice post, and thanks for joining Just Jot it January. 😀

  2. Yes, Cyberland can be hyping, especially when you’re on Twitter and you witness someone nice being trolled 😦 A riveting film is good, or a favourite series. 🙂

  3. I usually introvert if I am trying to escape. Music, some travel logs. My own personal #Awesomeness.

    Sometimes, if I intentionally nuzzle in the whatever activities my family is doing and ask them to tell me something nice if I am feeling a bit gloomy. We all do this for each other and it is a nice way of pulling each other up, rather than pushing down…

    • That’s a great idea, Miss Lou! We sometimes do a similar thing at dinner when I make everyone say, “Two good things, one bad” about their day. It generally livens things up in a positive way. 🙂

      • YES! we just say.. ‘Tell me something good’ and then everyone jumps to our aid.. lol

        We do the one good and one bad on the way home from school, though now that I consider it, 2 goods helps to create more a of a positive 🙂


      • When I first started teaching, at report time we were instructed to only say something negative with two positive things about the student. And it is a kind of nice philosophy. We were also only allowed to use euphemisms, so my comment “Jayden needs to focus on his work and avoid distracting others” tends to really mean that Jayden is a naughty delinquent who disturbs EVERYONE….

      • *chuckles*

        I’ll keep that in mind should either of my children ever experience that sort of commentary on their report cards!



      • LOL…oh please don’t! Don’t want to get the teaching profession a bad name! 🙂

        (Incidentally, I have become very good at saying bad things nicely).

        Besides, your little treasures are most likely angels!

      • They are pretty wonderful, except during school holidays when they leave Killer Lego’s all over the floor and mess up my beautifully clean house within 20 minutes… *bursts into tears*

      • Am terribly impressed that you have a beautifully clean house in the first place…*glances around own messy house, nervously*

      • Take comfort my new friend – it’s currently quite messy and I’ve no intention of cleaning it within the next 4 days (with the exception of the dishes and washing clothes, so we don’t scare the neighbours and general public getting around naked!)

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