A Waiting Game.

I took some time off teaching to write this. The manuscript survived the first gruelling stage, where the publisher asks to see more and sends it off to another expert.Β I’m awaiting judgment, to see if it will live or die. And florid images – the condemned awaiting execution – seep through my head. Though an optimist by nature, I am too much the realist and expect a rejection very soon. I’m not stressed about it but sanguine, with a sliver, barely a sliver of hopefulness. πŸ™‚

Image Credit: MMRule.

Image Credit: MMRule.

‘Non-compliance’ – the blurb.

Narrated in the present tense through the eyes of twenty year old Violet Chen, Non-Compliance falls into the political, speculative genre. Clever and beautiful, Violet lives with her father and brother in East Zone (erstwhile Sydney), her mother having lately been banished for non-compliance.

East Zone is an oppressive society, controlled by the Council. Many offences are deemed β€˜non-compliance’, punishable by banishment or ‘closure’.

Violet attracts the interest of a powerful sentinel, Leon Janssen, who begins to pursue her. Repulsed, Violet must navigate a wary path – avoiding his anger and consequent punishment, while maintaining her own integrity, her sense of self. Will she manage it?

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9 thoughts on “A Waiting Game.

  1. OK, the waiting game is hard work, but the result isn’t a reflection on the worth of your MS. God, it’s not easy growing a teflon coating. When can I download it from Amazon? πŸ™‚

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