Weekly Photo Challenge – Garden reading.

IMG_0510                                                     Boy to Girl: What’s it about?

I came across this scene when I was in the Blue Mountains last week. It was early and I was warming to my run when I stumbled upon these children, reading. Startled, I jumped, thinking I’d disturbed them in their garden reverie. Then realising they were statues, I snapped a photo (the wonders of a ready iPhone!)

There is juxtaposition in the metal sculpture set amid the green of the azalea bushes, the feathery branches of the weeping willow and the violet of the agapanthus.

This composition reminded me of another such scene, from a favourite blog post Weekly Photo Challenge: Families, where an elderly couple is reading on a seat, pausing to discuss a point of interest. The similarity is striking, and I mused that these two were the older couple as children, in another time and place, a warmer climate (no need for their bright hats and scarves).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Garden reading.

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  4. #BeautifulCapture

    Something I would love to see, though I’m not sure the next time I will be near the Blue Mountains…

    I also see the weekly photo challenges and feel as if I would love to participate but not sure I could even produce what is required considering my total lack of photographic skill and my HTC One… lol (although I do love to take pictures and it takes some good ones, does anyone one to see that nice vase in my ensuite, really?)

    Great entry!


  5. Hahaha…thank you. I love nice vases 🙂

    BTW I am completely devoid of any artistic or photographic talent (but have a newish phone with a good camera so I’m dabbling)

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