Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure (not trash).

When I saw the title of this week’s photo challenge and began thinking about treasure, the old adage “Someone’s trash is another’s treasure” sprang to mind. The concept of treasure is an individual one. It’s a different thing for everyone…it’s what’s precious to you. Gold figures largely in our historical view of treasure. The Three Wise Men brought treasure in the form of gold, Frankenstein frankincense and mirth myrrh. A gold ring was Gollum’s treasure, whereas pirates preferred a chest dripping with golden jewels. And the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…a mere temptation of treasure, an illusion. Robert Frost spoke of gold’s elusive power in “Nothing gold can stay.”

Looking at the wonderful diverse photos of treasures this week, it occurs to me that treasure isn’t remotely connected to its monetary value. On the contrary, a treasure seems to be a token – a symbol of a thought or experience, a feeling…a memento in a run-of-the-mill day or week, year. It’s something – often materially small and insignificant – that we put away in a safe place, to look at from time to time. To keep till we’re old and grey.

With this in mind, this is my treasure, my gold – newly acquired, already precious: IMG_0640 This was a gift from Poppet on Valentine’s Day. As the cover suggests, it’s a booklet of coupons, each promising a treat (breakfast in bed, foot massage etc). One coupon stands out because I know this will cost Poppet a lot of effort. She’s not a big reader, especially of the classics…or anything older than five years (and she has the misfortune to have an English teacher for a mother). 🙂 IMG_0644 I was a bit mean to Poppet recently. I told her my Year 10 class had requested to read ‘Pride and Prejudice’; I sang their praises – even tweeted about it!


She must have been listening…

What is your treasure? Is it an old letter, a diary…a trinket from an ex-lover, a photo, an heirloom. Maybe it’s a shell that triggers a memory of summers past, or a book from childhood. I’d love to hear about it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure.

Weekly Photo Challenge: A different kind of family.

I took this photo yesterday of Poppet and Small.

Izzy and Daisy

The photo challenge ‘family’ probably meant family as in mothers and fathers, children, husbands and wives, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles… But perhaps not. Lots of things constitute family, after all. I define ‘family’ as anyone I love, without necessarily a biological or marital connection at all. One of my closest friends has no family as such. He lives alone in an apartment, with his dog. His dog has his own bedroom, his own bed. My friend’s dog is his family and his friend, rolled into one.

So this is Poppet holding Small, a big part of our family. Small isn’t smiling, as she usually does because she is old and frail. The photo disguises it well, but Small is tired and sick and nearing the end of her long, much-much loved life.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Window.

Window, Nielsen Park Kiosk. 2013

Window, Nielsen Park Kiosk. 2013

It was a cool, spring day when I was having lunch mid-week with a favourite aunt at Nielsen Park, on Shark Beach. The park on Sydney Harbour is magic, with draping, picture-book trees and a tiny sandy beach. There were few customers that day, and at that moment, no one playing on the sand. Looking out from the cafe, I could almost imagine I was far from the city’s hurly-burly.

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