An award and other important trivia…


lovely-blog-award-logoMy favourite UK blogger, Vic Briggs has misguidedly generously tagged me for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ and I’ve accepted because Vic lied said really nice things about me, and because:

(a) I am hugely susceptible to flattery and compliments of any kind although I am too modest to repeat them and repeat them to everyone.

(b) Awards are like stickers dispensed in the classroom – they make you feel good.

Vic writes beautiful poetry, travels widely (taking glorious photos of everything) and as well as this, her tips and insights on writing and life issues (not to forget the dashing Cumberbatch) are clever and entertaining. One day I’ll traverse the Indian Ocean and meet her for tea. So thank you Vic, I’m honoured you thought of me.

Now I must reveal seven random facts about me and I’ll start as Vic did, with something on eyes:

1. I have green eyes (more pond than forest), but unlike Vic’s gorgeously (adjective not adverb) dazzling ‘Mad Hatter’ gaze, my eyes are ineffectual. If only I could swap them for Julie Bishop’s death-stare-eyes. I’d be a lot more effective in the classroom.

2. Tea is the only thing I could never give up if I were marooned on a desert island. I’d have to make bark or shell tea. Or die.

3. I left the town I grew up in many years ago yet still hanker after red-dirt plains and gum trees.

4. I am very embarrassed about how little I’ve seen of the world. I could use child rearing as an excuse, but it would be just an excuse. One day.

5. One of my main obsessions is kindness to animals – they’re at our mercy. I can’t even kill ants. Pathetic I know.

6. I think Oscar Wilde was one of the cleverest men to ever live. His insights spoken 200 hundred years ago, still resonate. This magnet is on my fridge.

Excuse the specks of food (it's on the fridge)

Excuse the smears (probably food – it is on the fridge)

7. I’m flippant to a fault. I’ve been known to make inappropriate comments at school assemblies (frequently) and funerals (infrequently). I sometimes wonder if I’ve ever really left the adolescent mindset.

8. I love shopping but I only like stores with mirrors that make you look taller and thinner. I want one of those mirrors for home.

I’ve listed 8 things, not 7! Only a self-indulgent narcissist (is that tautology?) would break the rules this way.

Next, I am to nominate some bloggers for this ‘lovely’ award (lovely in the broad sense of the word). So here is a mix of bloggers who are brilliant at words, pictures and/or food.

Pinky Poinker because she can turn the slightest topic into scintillating reading.

Debbish a consummate blogger with an impressive range.

Alana  a consummate blogger with a wealth of experience (that shows).

With Some Grace has lovely insights on life’s many vagaries.

Putting in a Good Word  an interesting ‘outside the box’ perspective.

Zimmerbitch  shares a rich chronicle of beautiful photos and anecdotes.

Bake Play Smile every post makes me hungry, every time.

My Slow Living Adventure makes simpler living enticing.

Peak Perspective a fascinating range of thoughts and personal experiences.

The Tunnel Presents – makes politics LOL (not easy in Australia where it’s all so tragic).

That Montreal Girl – takes exquisite photos.

I can’t say goodbye without something trivially important, and what better than a meme from my Pinterest junkie friend. It doesn’t need a segway, it’s self-explanatory.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

In my previous post, I’d promised to write about flirting, where I expose myself to be wantonly susceptible to flirtatious attention (in addition to awards, praise and stickers). Next time.

30 thoughts on “An award and other important trivia…

  1. So with you on those mirrors, and can the change-room walls be painted pink (apparently it makes people think better of themselves). Hilarious post! Thanks for the nomination Lee-Anne. 🙂 As Wilde said, ‘The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.’

  2. Thank you for this tag Lee-Anne. I don’t like killing ants either. I dodge ants and beetles on the path when I see them. I’d never squash them unnecessarily. Cockroaches… not so much. I don’t think ‘self-indulgent narcissist’ is tautology because you can be self indulgent without being a narcissist. But then again, in the words of Oscar Wilde, “I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” Hehe!

    • Haha, you’re right – trust the pedantic…I mean punctilious Pinky to know that fine point of grammar/vocab! Love the Wilde quote, haven’t heard it before. 🙂

  3. This is wonderful, Lee-Anne: witty without overdoing it and with enough edge to leave one feeling both intrigued and satisfied. If I ever needed another reason to nominate you for the award, having the pleasure of reading this post would have been it.
    PS: When you do make it over the ocean, make sure to drop me a line and I will put the kettle on. 🙂

    • I’ve only just discovered The Tunnel (love it!)

      Please don’t tell me Julie B will be our new PM, am still grappling with Tony A at the helm 😦 I guess JB will continue what she does best – prance around the world death-staring everyone. 😉

  4. Congratulations on your nomination! I love your comment about the tea – I feel exactly the same way. Never mind about finding food – drying palm leaves and miscellaneous plants to boil in hot water would be my first priority too. 🙂

  5. Okay, so Oscar Wilde is brilliant and clever, but it’s clear to me that I’d have to replace his fridge quote with your Pinterest quote. Wine wit rules over masterful maxims–but just until the wine runs out.
    Loved finding out just a tiny bit more about the lovely Lee-Anne. Your posts are always a true delight to read!
    And thank you for the links to some terrific bloggers. A bountiful blog fest, indeed! I look forward to checking them all out.
    Cheers and congrats on the lovely, well-deserved nod. 😉

    • I love your comment about the Pinterest quote usurping Wilde (LOL…Poor Oscar would be turning in his grave!) 😉

      Thanks for those delightful compliments Shelley *head swelling immodestly*


  6. Oh Lee-Anne I am so very flattered to be mentioned on your blog. You have built such a beautiful community here and I love reading your posts. Thank you again… you’ve totally made my week! xxx

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  8. We sound like kindred spirits, (except I have travelled extensively), but I too love my cuppa, adore animals, have a shopping obsession (but avoid Myer because their mirrors make me look short and dumpy!), love red dirt plains and gum trees and yes I also have ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome! Love your blog. I will be following!

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