The right time.

Meet Blossom!

Meet Blossom!

It’s been over three months since she died. Although Daisy was only a dog, Poppet wasn’t moving on, she was bogged down, bereft with grief. As mentioned in A Little Tribute, she couldn’t recall a time before Daisy. So, very impetuously, I jumped in the car and drove to a faraway place to rescue Blossom…and Poppet, who would never have made the decision to get another dog – she felt guilty and disloyal even thinking about a replacement. Blossom isn’t a replacement. Daisy was unique and so is Blossom.

Since this photo was taken, Blossom has matured morphed into a minx, creating joy havoc all over the place. Basically, the pic below encapsulates Blossom.

Who have you rescued lately, animal, vegetable or human? Or maybe you’ve been rescued rather than the rescuer – restored and revitalised by someone or something…







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55 thoughts on “The right time.

    • Hi Leanne, how wonderful that you are rescuing turtles and injured birds – such worthwhile and rewarding work. Roads are the enemy for our wildlife, they need more good Samaritans. 🙂

    • Thanks, Majoring, Poppet is already taking numerous selfies with Blossom. Blossom is oblivious of course, but she already has her own Instagram and Snapchat profiles! 🙂

    • I only wish ours would run around the garden but they think they’re human and follow us around the house 24/7! (Love Retrievers – they have a beautiful nature)

    • Spirit-lifting definitely, Poppet smiles a lot but I’d forgotten how full-on it was having a puppy – they’re like babies – mess and mayhem everywhere (but worth it of course!)

  1. I want Blossom. Give now! What a sweet little face and long lashes. Are you kept awake at night? It’s just like having a baby when you get a new puppy. I’m guessing Blossom is a girl because you didn’t say but I can’t imagine you’d name a boy Blossom… or would you? Daisy would be very pleased you’ve rescued another baby and taken it into the loving arms of your family. Poppet looks like you doesn’t she Lee-Anne. It’s hard to spot in the photo but I can tell.

    • Blossom’s sweet looks are deceiving, she’s shaping up to be a complete minx. Where Daisy was compliant and quiet, Blossom is feisty and NOISY! (Yes just like having another baby – what was I thinking??) And her ears are growing exponentially…she looks like she’s morphing into an EWOK! Thanks for that beautiful comment about Daisy, Pinky. 🙂

      Re Poppet…she looks a bit like me but she has her (late) Dad’s brown eyes. xx

      • On the weekend I’m going to read your entire blog from whoa to go. That way when I ever pop down for a visit to Sydney and we catch up for a cup of tea it will be like meeting with an old friend 🙂 Please don’t attempt to do the same with mine. I MEAN IT! I’m deeply ashamed of 90% of it.

      • Oh please don’t, I was so gauche when I first started (if gauche means cringe-worthy!)

        Would love to read a shameful history of Pinky! Bring it on!! 😉

  2. Blossom is so lucky to have you.
    I have a friend who has picked me a rescue cat – Black (they are hard to re-home for superstitious and other reasons apparently) – I’m going to name her Bronte.

    • Lucky Bronte to be rescued! I find black cats beautiful and mysterious…our neighbours’ black cat is called Midnight.

      I hope you are well, Trish. xx

  3. Oh Lee-Anne, Blossom is absolutely adorable!!.. I love the phrase (as spoken by rescued animals “Tell me how I rescued YOU again..” Often that is strangely how it is – they become some of our dearest friends and members of the family – one of the reasons it is so very difficult when they pass away.

  4. Beautiful post. Obviously Daisy will always have a place in your family but I’m also so happy for your new addition. Welcome Blossom! 🙂 x

  5. As you say Lee-Anne, we never replace our lost furry friends. We just expand our hearts with new friends ❤
    Wishing you lots of joy with Blossom.

  6. My indoor animals (one purchased and one rescued) rescue me every single day, repeatedly throughout my work. I don’t know where I’d be without them, or the National Geographic special that occurs outside my window at all hours of the day and night.
    I need these animals probably a smidge more than they need me.
    But I kinda favor symbiotic relationships anyway.
    That Blossom is sure to bring a lot of warmth your way. 🙂

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