*Clutching the baton*

While this post deals with the much vaulted topic ‘Why I Write, I must first be consistent with my reputation and blog title – Important Trivia – and start with a meme.


Image: Pinterest.

Image: Pinterest.

An array of dazzling blogsters, from the famous Mrs Woog to the infamous Pinks Pointer (JOKE), to that feisty queen of hawt hot (spelling counts – at least in my classroom blog 😉 ), the Fab Mumabulous…it’s now down to little moi. *Attempts stoicism under pressure to be entertaining and witty. Loses battle and buckles. Reaches for wine tea*

This move of Pinky’s has propelled me from blogging complacency to posting twice in 3 days. “Ho hum” you say but for a novice who only posts once a fortnight, this is traumatic!

As I’ve alluded to previously, I don’t have a niche. I am niche-less.  But rather than be scarred by this gaping hole of niche-lessness, I’ve acknowledged – like many bloggers before me – that as well as narcissism, blogging in any form, is therapy. Coupled with abundant coffee and cake, wine and cheese or magic tea, it is far more enjoyable to baring (or is it bearing??) one’s soul to an expert.

Work Stations (pretentious moi?)

I rather like the term ‘work stations’. It’s a bit like the ‘learning spaces’ that schools and education are fond of, and lends a certain gravitas to my frivolous penning.

I am incapable of remaining in one spot.

Desk, kitchen bench, gazebo and garden.

Desk, kitchen bench, gazebo, garden.

Down to the business:

Flippancy aside, I was flattered – honoured – to be mentioned by Pinky, whose eloquent wit is legendary in the blogosphere. However, such an honour involves reigning my usually wayward ideas into the semblance of order:

Why do I write?

In short, because I enjoy it. I didn’t write as a teenager as I thought I was much too cool for doing anything so nerdish. But one of my best writing memories is sitting beside the sandpit writing long-hand, while my toddler made a castle. I was lucky enough to have this manuscript published by Penguin as a little teenage novel – This Summer Last – a big fluke really, since it’s not high literature. It’s about loss and deals with the theme of grieving. Heavy stuff I know, but I’d just heard a true story about a family who’d experienced a sudden death of a child and I thought about how difficult this would be. I based my book around their inability to come to terms with the tragedy.

Again fortune beamed kindly on me and I won the Ashton Scholastic Award for Older Readers with Jake, about a damaged city kid, fostered by a family in the country. There was another book but before you hate me for all this insufferable bragging, they’re all out of print and only available in the National Library Archives. Haha, so much for fame and fortune! 😉

I got very busy with more kids and teaching in High School so writing took a bit of a back-step until recently when Poppet was badly bullied, (cyber and face-to-face). I wrote So Not Funny, as a parents’ and teachers’ resource, releasing it as an e-Book. I was advised to start blogging, but have never before used my blog space to promote my book (except now – please don’t hate me!)

How does my writing differ from others in my genre?

I’m not sure, except that I am VERY flippant and much of what I babble about is either tongue-in-cheek, ironic, silly, or all of the above. I probably include too many chook and dog pics, but hey everyone has their Achilles’ heel.

 How does my writing process work?

Randomly. As the above fancy collage suggests (for a non-techno person aren’t you impressed?) I am hyperactive and can’t sit too long in one spot. So when I’m not in the classroom or attending to domestic/family/farming matters, I’m hyped on tea and writing something.

What I’m Working on.

I won’t bore you because I’ve already written a post about my brutal rejection by a large publisher for my latest literary masterpiece little manuscript, Non-Compliance. Suffice to say, I am EDITING. This is a painful process, involving a self-discipline that is quite foreign to my character. So, my writing consists of:

  • shopping lists.
  • marking students’ work and writing tactful suggestions on essays, stories et al.
  • new units of work to stimulate class into brilliant adequate English skills.
  • ‘to do’ lists (to make me a more efficient, productive and better human being).
  • posts – the best fun of all.

Now it’s my turn to pass the baton to two bloggers, and it was a difficult decision as there are just so many brilliant bloggers out there. I’ve chosen Deb and Susan, each accomplished and eclectic in her own way.

But just before I leave the subject of blogging, one of the things I love most about this type of writing is – corny n cheesy as it sounds – the friends I’ve made. And the comments. I think I can safely liken the high of a delightful comment to a hit of ice (in my cocktail of course).

Credit: Pinterest.

Credit: Pinterest.

I can’t claim credit for any of the silly pictures I include in my posts – they’re down to Poppet and a funny dog-friend. (I do, however, claim credit for being consistently silly).

Over to you. What’s your best skill – within or without the blogosphere?

Just added my link to the delightful Always Josefa and Maxabella Loves and their ‘Why I Write’ link-ups. Joining With Some Grace’s FYBF, as it’s Friday. 🙂

39 thoughts on “*Clutching the baton*

  1. I love it, love it, love it! You are a funny, clever, brilliant girl! I’m sharing it immediately on Facebook and Twitter! Your effervescent, delightful personality absolutely SHINES through in this post Lee-Anne. I’m seriously impressed with your resume even though I think I knew about two of the books. I’ll leave it for now but will be back to read this again xx

  2. Thanks for passing on the baton, Lee-Anne. Feeling honoured.
    Love your pics. I will admit to having read your novel, Jake, which I absolutely loved. Your books may be out of print, but Jake is at my local library.
    And I agree with Michelle, are you hiding something in your tea? Why not, anyway? 🙂 🙂

  3. Truly enjoyed reading your post, but I have to admit, I had nose jets–as I was in the middle of drinking a cup of tea–when I read the last comic. One of the best I’ve seen in ions.
    Good luck with the editing. I feel your pain. Cheers!

    • Hi Shelley, thanks for visiting – going to check out your blog soon. Sorry about the nose jets (don’t know who thinks up the pet memes but I love them!) 😀

  4. This sounds arrogant, but in all seriousness, my interpersonal skills are probably my ‘best asset’. I’ve been doing some coaching work with Michaela from Five Frogs Coaching and we’ve talked a lot about it. I’m essentially an introvert but no one would ever guess as I’m hugely talkative and effusive with people. I tend to think of it as an act, but realise I’m a people pleaser and want others to feel at ease to will blither and joke away in order to do so. We also went over my ‘accomplishments’ and though i struggled to identify fabulous work-related ‘outcomes’ I was always able to list the positive work environment I think I took with me. There were also nice comments about the way DDG / CEO offices had changes since I’d arrived etc.

    PS. LOVE those white leather and timber chairs in the collage!

    • It’s not arrogant at all but really interesting. I think social skills are the most important attribute – it’s no use being clever and gorgeous, if you’re not nice to talk to (I preach this in and out of the classroom!) I’m sure there you have a big list of accomplishments Deb, I’ve gleaned quite a few just from reading your posts (always revealed with great humour and modesty). 🙂

      The chairs are called ‘egg-shell’ stools and they’re really comfortable (fake leather) but the best bit is they SWIVEL (have to be careful not to spill tea/wine) 😉

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  6. I can’t stay in one spot either! I’m either at the couch, in the sun room or at the library. All places provide varying sources of inspiration. Good luck with the Non-Compliance doco. Hopefully it’ll get done soon and with as little pain as possible! 🙂

  7. Your “flippant”, tongue-in-cheek style suits me well, Lee-Anne. That was a breeze to read and I enjoyed myself. I love that you write simply because you enjoy it. That’s it in a nutshell. x

  8. Ha! Niche-less. My new favorite word. Although you actually do have a niche: humor. Appreciate the ubiquitous mugs, cups and wine glasses manning (womaning?) your writing stations. How many writers are also sippers? Someone should do a survey. You also deserve some kind of award for tactfully revealing your impressive resume. Wow. Best wishes with your editing, and looking forward to reading about it’s imminent publication.

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  11. It’s not a fluke your book got published. It was good enough, or commercial enough for Penguin to want it. They don’t do charity, nor take great risks. Good for you – don’t ever talk it down in my presence!

  12. Well far out – you had me laughing right from the bloody title “clutching the baton”. Why oh why can I not be a witty, funny person like you! My ‘Why I Write’ post seems so deadpan serious and boring now! lol I love your ‘workstationS’! Variety is the spice of life they say! That must be why my life has no spice – coz I blog in the same spot all the time. Well at least I know now! Watch this space – what could MinsMash be with some added spice?!! 😉

    • Haha, yes bring on the spice, Min! I enjoyed your ‘Why I Write’ and loved your ‘workstation’. (Sometimes I’m a bit too flippant for my own good) 😉

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