Short Sojourn Shameless Selfie.

Nothing deep or philosophical today…

It’s school holidays and we escaped the city to see a family member starring performing in the chorus of a production of Legally Blonde. Reece Witherspoon made a guest appearance Family member autographed my program, though I’m not one to name-drop. IMG_1656The seaside hotel had a tolerable view of the sea.   Poppet on balconyOn a raving recommendation, we eschewed the hotel buffet (what were we thinking?) and had breakfast in a cafe on the beach, where the prices were pretentious and we queued to get a table, then waited so long for our food that we began attacking the serviettes (or is it napkins – I never do know which?) Of course, Poppet posted her elegant meal on Instagram. Hand up if you remember a time when we ate food instead of taking a photo of it?

What's that darl? #thecastle

Just eat it!

There was a sunrise where the sun spilled like molten gold into the ocean. It was worth sacrificing sleep for.


Molten gold.

Last week was exciting as Pinky made an impromptu visit to Sydney and we caught up. It’s a bit daunting meeting blogging friends as you wonder whether your online persona equates with your real persona. Pinky is just as warm and lovely as her blog reveals. This brilliant overexposed selfie showcases my new teapot, courtesy of Pinky (pink of course).

Teapot selfie.

Teapot selfie.

Next time she comes to town we’re planning a blogger-fest so if you’re in the vicinity (and even if you’re not) please join us. 🙂

It is Wordless Wednesday and I must avoid waffling at all costs. Over to you and your views on some very important trivia.

  • Do you resent paying high prices in trendy cafes and restaurants? Do you actually complain or smile sweetly and vent privately?
  • Do you take pictures of food or are you sensible and mature, and just eat it?
  • Do sunrises or sunsets move your thoughts to poetry?
  • Have you ever attended any blogger events? Please share!

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49 thoughts on “Short Sojourn Shameless Selfie.

  1. Looks like a nice time away was had. I love a good food porn shot myself and that one right there makes me want that for breakfast now!
    I have never attended any bloggy events. I want to but seemingly Victoria is very quiet on that front. I too would be nervous about anyone actually knowing my blog, how they perceive me etc etc but I’m sure we’d all be in the same boat! Happy Wednesday!

    • Apparently it’s very common to feel apprehensive before meeting fellow bloggers…our guilty little secret! Yes, food porn is all the rage now or maybe it’s a new art form. 🙂

  2. Hotel restaurants are ridiculous with their breakfast prices. I paid twenty dollars for a piece of toast, a juice and coffee in our hotel when I was down there. Poppet’s breakfast looks delicious and I probably would have taken a photo of it 🙂 Your photograph of the sunrise is glorious Lee-Anne and I love your poetic description. I’m reading Tim Winton’s ‘Eyrie’ at the moment and am finally learning about how to write a decent metaphor. It was such a lovely afternoon visiting you and you were exactly the bubbly, genuinely warm and vivacious person we’ve all come to know from your writing. Our blogging-fest will be outstanding but will need some serious organisation. We should start collecting names now. I know what Vicki (above) is saying, people will be saying,”PINKY? Pinky who? Pinky POINTER?” Gorgeous photo of you and the teapot 🙂 You look about twenty years old.

    • Haha, it’s an optical illusion due to overexposure! The teapot looks even better in person. 😉
      Yes let’s organise our blog-fest very efficiently, I hereby appoint you social secretary!
      I haven’t read that one of Winton’s, would you recommend it? He’s brilliant at metaphors but (and I know it’s heresy to say it) I’m not huge fan of him in general. 🙂

  3. Oh that view of the sea was definitely only tolerable!
    I think I am sensible and do take photos of food!
    I have met a few bloggy friends at events. It certainly or pushes me to put myself out there, I’d love to join in the bloggy fest next time!

    • There’s something really lovely about the coastal winter landscape, Susan – it’s quieter, and well not hot! I know what you mean about sunrises, they’re less spectacular but somehow more meaningful.

  4. Lovely photos! I must admit I’m not a fan of taking pictures of my food, even though a few times I have caved, when the food either looked so awesome I wanted to remember it, or so funny that I couldn’t resist (like the fifteen-centimetre octopus tentacle I ordered on Crete).

  5. The cost of eating out can be horrific but I love it when I find a little restaurant tucked away in the suburbs where the food is fantastic and the prices more reasonable. Gorgeous photo of the sunrise!

  6. Lee-Anne, this post is priceless. I’m going to be smiling for the rest of the morning. I am soooo guilty of photographing my food (I even downloaded and PRINTED an article about the “trend” in an attempt at self-justification 🙂 ). I’m getting better at avoiding over-priced cafes and complaining about things that are really bad (my son pretty much won’t go out with me anymore), but it’s taken a long time to feel ok about that. I love your sunrise photo! Mind you, right now any image of the sun is welcome. Happy hols.

  7. Love those views! And love seeing a pic of you!

    As for food pics, I used to have a local FB page and so used to take photographs of everything to share and promote places, but closed the page down and got rid of Instagram (cos of life envy issues) so am less prone to photograph everything.

  8. You know what Lee-Anne if I’m shocked by the price I will just change my mind and say I’m not paying …. for ….. I’m not unreasonable or rude, just to the point. I LOVE that you and Pinky got to meet, bet it was a barrel of laughs, you both have a wit that I admire x

    • Good on you, I admire those who are assertive in restaurants as I am such a big wimp! It was great to meet Pinky 🙂 You are hilarious Emily, I always have a big chuckle when I read your posts. X

  9. Nice destination!
    I don’t mind images of food. It’s the coffee shots that get me – why do people take pics of their darn coffee??!! It ALWAYS looks the same?! Instagram is full of coffee shots – never post coffee shots people!

  10. Sounds like a brilliant weekend, Lee-Anne! I would love to meet Pinky—I’ve followed her blog for a while (I only discovered yours today, so hey, gimme time!) I have total pink envy over that teapot. Kx

  11. Yup. Taking a photo of food is a social media’s addict answer to saying grace before a meal. Hehe! I didn’t realise you were in Sydney! I’m definitely up for a blogger’s fest get together 🙂

    • Haha, yes but that ritual is more ‘Gracious’… I knew you were a Sydney-ite when I saw your tweet from Centennial Park. Was there today – gorgeous! 🙂

  12. FYI, napkins are fabric and serviettes are paper. I remember because serviettes sound french and therefore fancier, so must belong to the pretentious poor, who want to appear fancier then they are. The rich, who traditionally used napkins, don’t need fancy words cause their wealth speaks for itself. So there you go. Now you know everything.

    • Thanks Sarah, I do now know everything about these things we put on our lap to catch food…fascinating!
      I will insist on calling them “napkins” from now on as I don’t want to be seen as one of the ‘pretentious poor’ – LOL!

  13. Delightful! Sunrises do turn my thoughts to poetry and the next time I am inspired, you will be the first to know 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead, Lee-Anne.

  14. Yeah hotel prices are way over the top! And the food is normally no good because its all cooked in bulk.
    We only eat the breakfast if its included in the price of staying there 😉
    Love the pink teapot, beautiful.
    And yep I take way too many sunset, sunrise, food photos for our blog and instagram….can’t remember the time that I didnt 🙂

  15. Yes to most answers – and especially I take pictures of food (not very good ones but who cares with a filter they look half decent).
    I’ve attended quite a few blogger events. Love them and making connections with faces in my URL world.

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